gSpringer Book Archivesh includes about 40 renowned imprints published between
1842 and 2005
, where the book
gSelf-Complementary Antennash
is selected.

Dear Yasuto Mushiake,

We are writing today regarding your book Self-Complementary Antennas (ISBN: 978-3-540-76002-3), and to let you know about our plans for an electronic archive, the Springer Book Archives.

At this point you may be wondering what the Springer Book Archives are all about. The project is an effort at Springer to breathe new life into older books \specifically those published between 1842 and 2005 \ by making them available in electronic formats. The archiving project includes about 40 renowned imprints. Many of these titles may even be out-of-print. With this initiative we will enable researchers all over the world to access a wealth of information via their libraries. The individual books will not only be made available digitally, but also in print. The Springer Book Archives affirms Springer's commitment to preserve valuable scholarly content, and your book plays an important role in this effort.

(The beginning portion of the E-mail, November 2012, from is reproduced here.)

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